United States Football Team

When you think of the USA, you very rarely think of football. However, the country has proven time and again that they are not to be trifled with. Though they have never won a major competition, they were often present in the final stages of the game, and it wouldn’t be insane to bet on them using Prophet Welcome Bonus.

Our story begins in 1885, when the national team was made and the first international soccer match outside the British Isles was to take place. Canada defeated the US with 1-0, though Americans had their vengeance in 1886 by beating Canadians in the same manner at the same location, Newark, New Jersey. Since then, the US national team, officially called the United States men’s national soccer team, or USMNT, was battling against other countries on the pitch.

Where It All Began

First international matches that the US played were not recognized officially, as FIFA doesn’t recognize any type of a football achievement prior to 1908. The first time the team officially defeated someone was in 1916 when Sweden lost to the US.

The first World Cup saw the national team in 1930 in Uruguay. Bert Patenaude was the star of the American team with two goals against Paraguay, though this would change in 2006, when FIFA would officially recognize the third goal scored by Patenaude, making him the first person in the history of the sport to score a hat trick in the World Cup. This was not the only retroactive call, as the team had to wait until 1986 to be awarded the third place in that tournament. Incidentally, this was the greatest FIFA World Cup achievement for the US.


Many countries were unlucky in procuring titles and trophies in the period between 1960 and 1990, and the United States of America was one of them. There were attempts to revitalize the game, but it seemed that the financial struggles, the diminishing fan base, and the fact that football started to get associated with socialist countries was dragging the quality and interest of the game down.

Top Ranking in FIFA

We’ll be the first to admit that this title is misleading. The United States indeed have a team at the top of the FIFA ranking, but it’s the United States women’s national soccer team. The women participated in every FIFA World Cup and, though they won three of them, they were always worthy of a medal.

They are currently at the top of the list with 2101 points, with Germany close behind with 2072, and England with 2049. Some people might object to us putting this team into the article about the American football team, but you have to admit that they have experienced more triumphs than their male counterparts.

All In All

The Americans have a decent football team, though it is nothing to write home about. They have had their ups and downs, though they did very little to show what they are capable of. The women’s team, on the other hand, climbed up the ladder to become the greatest in the world. Who knows? Maybe, in the future, there will be titles and trophies, as well as a global following.